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    Maybe you guys can help. My wife went to cardinals camp a few years ago got a football signed by Warner, Leinert and some others. What should I ask for this when selling? It does not have a coa

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    Unfortunately, without a COA, I don't think you'd get much for it, at least from reviewing the Kurt Warner autograph listings on Ebay.
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    Without a COA and even with one, probably not a hell of a lot. The autograph market is very oversaturated and the economy is still **** poor regardless of what they are saying on the news, which depresses it further. I hate to be so morbid about it, but unless Kurt Warner dies I don't see it being really valuable right now. I feel your pain, I am sitting on a lot of autographs that I would sell for the right price but are too sentimental to give away for a hundred bucks.

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