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Thread: Any tricks for stopping telemarketers?

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    Default Any tricks for stopping telemarketers?

    You pick up the phone and its a recorded message about how you are supposed to keep listening for important info about lowering your mortgage, etc., and are then asked to push "1" if interested. Of course, that probably makes you liable for toll charges for talking to someone in Grenada, so I always just hang up.

    Wasn't the do-not-call list supposed to take care of this sort of thing? I don't mind answering my phone for legit charities, or donations to non-profits, but I seem to be receiving a lot more unsolicited garbage calls these days. Anyone know how to deal with this crap?

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    Default Re: Any tricks for stopping telemarketers?

    Get rid of your land line and go cell only, and place your cell number on the "do not call" list. Since we ditched the land line about 5 years ago, I bet I've gotten less than 5 unsolicited phone calls to my cell phone.

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    Default Re: Any tricks for stopping telemarketers?

    We still have our land line (it is just cheaper to do so with the bundle) and we were getting 3-5 calls a day from spammers (no joke, per DAY)

    I did the do not call list thing, not perfect, but we are definitely down to maybe 3-4 per week

    The annoying thing is it takes 30 days to be added to the list.

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    Default Re: Any tricks for stopping telemarketers?

    A lot of those junk calls are coming from spoofed overseas numbers and disposable VOIPs. They don't give a damn. The local telemarketers who harass me seem to always end up getting served by the State Attorney General though..........
    I also moved my phone service to Ooma a couple of years ago. It's like Vonage, except you buy the box upfront and if you are willing to work with the bare essentials, you only pay the relegatory taxes, no monthly phone bill. To get the payplan, its $10 a month, but that also includes a blacklist. If a telemarketer calls me, they will only call me once.
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    Default Re: Any tricks for stopping telemarketers?

    Thanks for some of the helpful hints.

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