The refs trying to take control of the game in the third quarter was ridiculous, as no one knew what was a foul and what was not. From our biased lower bowl position it looked like Phoenix was getting away with a lot of shoving while the Fever were being called for a lot of ticky-tack touch fouls.

Fever clearly very tired (arm lift in the fourth quarter looked like everyone's wrists weighed a ton). Clarendon made us crazy on offense with her inability to hit inside shots, but she's going to be a good defensive stopper, I think.

This depleted roster sux.

And I was really ticked off Griner couldn't play. I had really been looking forward to that, in a way I seldom look forward to seeing even a particular NBA player. I think she is going to change the WNBA game - it remains to be seen if that is a good or bad thing.