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Thread: Supporting a possible Trade for Ron

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    Default Supporting a possible Trade for Ron

    Before I get too far into this post I want to make it clear I absolutely LOVE Artest's game. He is an incredible player. He has a great offensive game and an incredible defensive game. That being said I can see some reasons to consider trading him. Here would be my reasons and conditions.

    Condition 1
    We have to get a real all-star in return who is not a power forward. (Baron would do MAYBE Walker but skeptical on this rumor) JO has that locked up. If we can't get a real allstar there is no need to talk about any kind of trade involving Ron.

    Condition 2
    Any trade would HAVE to include Pollard. Foster is playing too hot and Cros (I can't believe I am saying this) is a great bench player who is contributing a lot. With Harrison behind Foster there won't be real playing time for him when he gets healthy and even if there was Harrision needs the PT to keep improving. Other then JO no piece is untocuhable but I would prefer not to loose Tins but for the right person it is something I would consider.

    Reason 1
    I can support a trade involving Ron becuase there are serious questions about his team chemistry. While I love him I don't like the things he does outside the court. During playoffs last year he was a real distraction according to many sources refusing to go on the plane and having Migrines that we all know now weren't really migrines. He trys to take the game over at time when Coach C has called other plays and has never gelled with the team even when JO and others have tried over and over again. He put his record label which was a flop above the team.
    Now that all that that has been said he still is an incredible player and MAYBE he will be able to channel this energy to the court only. MAYBE he will learn from these suspensions and work on gelling with his team and behaving appropriately.

    REASON 2
    TEAM CHEMISTRY - I am a die hard PACER fan but I think it is unfair to say that having some interest in having him traded means I don't support the PACERS. Ron is a great player and will be but if we can get another great player in return with out shipping him off just to unload him I say do it. I have worked in a lot of different jobs and served in various roganizations and team chemistry really affects the work that is accomplished. Talent is important but having people who know how to work together and sacrifice for the good of the team are essential. (Why Cros needs to stay)

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    Default Re: Supporting a possible Trade for Ron

    If the trade is for a super-star caliber player...maybe...but if it's for scrub and players who will not make a difference on this team absolutely not....

    I don't think you will find someone to replace Ron, Ron is just not replacable. Ron is part of our team chemistry and when he returns, this team will be better than ever.

    Tell me who is exactly out there? B. Davis for Ronnie and Tinz wouldn't work and is a stupid trade....there is no one out there to replace Ron.

    Some people on here think Ron will not return in a Pacer uniform, but trust me he will.

    Most people on here support Ron as well.....too many people who are anti-Artest just hate him because they think he is a "Thug". Ron is supported by Pacers brass and we can have this debate all we want but what eveyone out there who are not Pacer-fans should know 90% of Pacer fans support Ron Ron.

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    Default Re: Supporting a possible Trade for Ron

    I Support Ron but given the right trade I would be ok with him leaving becuase he can be a real distraction to what the team is working toward and his off court behaving excluding the brawl in Det. has been a problem in the past. I would NOT trade him solely becuase of the problem in DET and it would have to be for the right player. Baron Davis is young and talented. He MAY help stretch the Dev and give JO more open looks especially when Jackson comes back.

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    Default Re: Supporting a possible Trade for Ron

    I don't think that we could possibly get anyone for Ron that would make us better than we will be with Ron next year. However, if trading him for a quality player for this season would be the difference in us winning a championship I would be in favor of it.

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    Default Re: Supporting a possible Trade for Ron

    I just cant help but think that Ron has hit bottom and that he will learn from this and be better for it. I yelled all year when Isiah was here that Ron needed to be sat down for a serious stretch of games to teach him that he needs to learn how to behave. Now I clearly did not have the entire season in mind but I think it will work.

    IMO and I could be wrong. But I think Ron mentaly is a lot younger than his physical age. He is like a petulent child who simply needed to be shown the limits. Just like a child simply slapping him on the hand will not always work. Right now he has just gotten the worst punishement in the history of the league. I think it got his attention.

    I have wrestled with were I stand on Ron he has been both one of my favorite Pacers and the one I hated the most (often in the same game) But it comes down to talent and the type of things he has done. He has acted with a childish inoocence rather tha n the idiotic behavior of a spoiled thug like so many others in the NBA. No one on here expects Ron to get busted at the airport or be involved in bar shooting. But there are a lot of players in the NBA we can expect that from.

    I am a lot more ready to throw Bender under the bus than Ron. If you think Bender still deserves a chance then Ron certainly deserves one too. I am not just saying this because my favorite Pacer in now being linked to trade rumors with Ron. I really think it would be a mistake to give up on him right now.

    Plus the airfair for UB and I to go to all those Hornets games will get out of hand.

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    Default Re: Supporting a possible Trade for Ron

    LOL! Ragnar I felt a lot like you at the begining of the year and before the CD and Brawl but I thought he would have learned from the playoffs and previous year's problems and didn't. He is an amazing talent. No question about it and he should NOT be DUMPED for nothing but if we got a great piece to the team we have I wouldn't be against it where as last year around this time I would have been appalled. I would hate for him to distract the team during playoffs or decide he needed more time off or something else. I think with Ron there is a huge possibabilty that there will always be some kind of distractions some smaller and easier to deal with then others. His former coach from college said as much. If you can live with that becuase he is good enough fine. I think that if we can get the right talent without the distractions why not.

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    Default Re: Supporting a possible Trade for Ron

    Quote Originally Posted by recap
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    I don't think that we could possibly get anyone for Ron that would make us better than we will be with Ron next year. However, if trading him for a quality player for this season would be the difference in us winning a championship I would be in favor of it.
    Yep. Perfectly said. That's where I stand.

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    Default Re: Supporting a possible Trade for Ron

    Better on the court as far as talent in his position unlikely BUT how much weight does the list of things he has done factor in. I will make a list of things I can remember since he has been here.

    Breaking the camera
    Not getting along with teammates
    suspended by Thomas one game
    Suspended by league many games for flagerant fouls
    Migrines during playoffs
    Refuses to listen to coach's called plays
    refuses to get on team plane from miami
    asks for a month off to work on CD (Priorities...?)
    Goes after Fan and is suspended for year

    Defensive Player of the year
    Only player who can stop about anyone in the league
    Plays hard EVERY night
    Could be a 25 pt a game guy a night
    Best small forward in the league

    Is the bottom list worth the top list. I would have said yes last year up until playoffs. During playoffs I starting thinking maybe. After this year I am thinking if we get someone who offers 2/3's of the top list it might be time to let him go. His postives make it crazy to dump him however.

    Baron Davis
    PPG 19.7
    RPG 2.70
    APG 6.2
    EFF + 18.11

    he finished 5th ins teals so you are getting defense. He can move the ball and shoot it. He might be one of the best Point guards in the league if he was with the right players. He has had injuries. If we get Jim Jackson and Feddie to back up Reggie and Stephen Jackson to play small forward I think we are ok and maybe we are even better if we lose the top list. I would hate to see us lose Tinsely. That is my only worry.

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    Default Re: Supporting a possible Trade for Ron

    I would do Baron Davis for Artest and Tinsley only if Jim Jackson was apart of the deal.
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    Default Re: Supporting a possible Trade for Ron

    I would agree

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