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Thread: Anyone Want to do the Biggest Loser Thread Again???

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    Default Re: Anyone Want to do the Biggest Loser Thread Again???

    Cutting out pasta and breads and switching to only water and coffee has made a huge difference for myself too. I remember a couple weeks into my diet, I had a soda for the first time since I started. I felt so terrible after drinking it. Was all bloated and just didnt feel good.

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    Default Re: Anyone Want to do the Biggest Loser Thread Again???

    I know that I have not posted in here my progress in a while. I plateaued at 330 and was planning to start my exercises on the 8/05 but I was in an automobile accident driving home from work on the 4th. It was totally my fault, I missed a red light and got t-boned hard, hard enough to put me on 2 wheels for a second. By the time I bounced and stopped I was a half of a block away from where it happened. It totaled out my truck. It wasn't a valuable truck but I got it from my dad when he died. There was a lot of sentimental value there. I did get a tens unit/ems unit to help with the neck pain and joint pain. I found out also if you use it in higher frequencies it works your muscles in the area where the leads are placed. It freaks my wife out when I have it on high especially on my arms because you can see the muscles contracting and releasing. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a truck again and hopefully not be as bummed out. I am hoping to be in the 320's by next week and if I do I think a reward is in order. I plan on getting a new tattoo of a soldier's cross with the American Flag in the background for my fallen friend who died in Iraq, 2 years from retirement.

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    Not sure if its just me but I did a lot of running this summer. My Diet wasn't the best but I actually gained a few pounds. After my next run(half marathon in september) I am going to go back to elliptical and weights. Lost 100 pounds with elliptical weights and healthy eating. Running to much requires recovery and just isn't very effective for weightloss, atleast for me.

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    Teamed up with some coworkers and formed a boot camp headed up by one of the guys that's in super great shape. Right after work at the top of a parking deck. Nice free way to work out. A lot of cross fit...which is my first time doing them and I feel like I'm always going to be "sore". Cross fit is some really challenging stuff.

    I've always been a skinny twig, but I've been gaining weight the last few years since I haven't been as active. 5'10 who's mostly been around 140-150lbs. I was up to 185lbs a month ago. Down to 173, but have only lost an inch on my waist...want to lose another 4-5inches off my gut. Shooting for a target weight of 160, but just want to lose the gut, not really fixated on the weight.

    Cause I'm so outta shape, the guy coaching us says that I'm so outta shape that I'm building a lot of muscle, and not to get discouraged cause the gut will be the last thing to finally go after you've built up some muscle.

    Been eating a bit better, but it's a slow process...I've built up some really bad habits it turns out. Love carbs too much. Getting there though. Only get 1 sweet per week (which hasn't been difficult at all), been eating salads for lunch, and working on cutting my portion size. Man, we Americans eat way too much food. hahaha

    Hope everyone is finding success in losing weight!
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