Now if the Pacers lose 10 out of their next 11 games we can talk about a collapse. Just wanted to get your attention.

Just got back from the game, really bad game. I don't think I am going to anymore games this season, because the last three games I have gone to, Hornets, Rockets and Nets the Pacers have lost. For financial reasons I am going to a lot fewer games this season.

I have been to everyone of the Pacers home losses except the Celts loss, I saw them lose to the Bucks, Magic, Nets, Rockets, Hornets. In the 10 games I have gone to the Pacers are 5-5. Sorry.

Now let's talk about the game tonight.

You could see it from the opening minute, the Hornets were ready, the Pacers were still in Cancun.

The Hornets manhandled the Pacers in every way possible. Peck, I was thinking of you tonight as the Hornets basically just over powered the Pacers. The rebounding was ugly, part of it was because Baron Davis was getting into the lane with ease and the big men had to help but the other part of it wass Foster and J.O were just getting manhandled

Baron Davis was blowing by our guards with such ease and the help defense was thinking of babes in bikinis. If Baron would clean up his horrible shot selection, he would be the best point guard in the NBA and a top 5 player in the whole league.

Everytime J.O got the ball Armstrong left Tinsley and doubled, and Tinsley could not hit the shot. This concerns me as teams start to prepare more and more to stop the Pacers inside game, they will leave the points guard wide open.

There was a little Ron Artest incident tonight. In the third quarter, he re-injured his thumb when he fell on it, you could tell he was in a lot of pain, so the next time down the floor, Ron pulls something off of the stanchion on the basket closest to the Pacers bench. It was some type of wire. No other equipment was damaged. After this incident was when Ronnie started going to the basket with abandon and was getting fouled every time.

Overall, I am not too concerned about this game, I know Rick does not want to use the allstar break as an excuse, but it had an effect.