Deep in the bowels of Conseco following the loss to the Hornet's...

Bird: Well, that was ugly.

DW: Mm.

Bird: What was Rick thinking, starting that selfish clod?

DW: Mm.

Bird: It's time, Donnie.

DW: Mm.

Bird: Just call him. The guy's dumping salary willy-nilly.

DW: Mm.

Bird: Look, if you don't make the call, I will.

DW: I'll make the call. We're old friends.

Bird: So you'll do it?

DW: Yeah. I'll do it.

Bird: Hot damn. Think he'll do it? Terry for Harrington and some garbage?

DW: Never know. Things are strange down there right now.

Bird: Use that ol' Walsh wile on him. That'll work.

DW: We'll see.

Bird: Wanna go grab a beer?

DW: You know I don't drink, Larry.

Bird: After a loss like tonight, it might be a good time to start back. Got a cigarette?