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Thread: The Origin of Life/Evolution?

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    Default Re: The Origin of Life/Evolution?

    Quote Originally Posted by Thingfish View Post
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    GRH, All you have to do is say, no I don't think the Flintstones theory of life on earth is correct to rebut Kstat. But, maybe you do?

    Just hurry up and say how the earth is 6,000 years old so I can quote the part where you said "I believe Darwin was an ignorant product of an ignorant time". and then we can discuss bronze age mythology compared to modern science.

    Anyway, this is all just me guessing at your ideas... because you won't tell us! However, going from what I found on which you so arrogantly chided us for not understanding, I think I can see pretty clearly where you are coming from.
    I'd like to know what we're "indoctrinating children" in....and at the same time everyone in this thread already knows what the answer will be.

    Again, I improperly thought this would be a quality discussion about the origins of life on earth...but no, it seems even in 2013 we can't escape creationism. I swear to god there are still some people that still think the earth is the center of the universe, too.

    We're hearing how Darwin was obviously wrong, but we're not hearing about what theory is obviously correct. Why? Because religion is off-limits here, and he can't say what he wants to say without throwing science into the trashcan and moving on to religious doctrine. That tells you all you need to know about this.

    No creationist will ever address Dinosaurs. They just pretend they didn't hear the question, because it's quite literally impossible to square 230,000,000 year old 100-foot reptiles existing on a 6,000 year old planet alongside modern humans armed with only sticks and stones without fully embracing the crazy.

    Since this thread was obviously started as a passive-aggressive pro-creationism thread, I'm going to go ahead and address it myself, because I'm getting tired of us trying to see how many pages we can go back and forth insulting Darwinism without actually pointing out why we're doing it. If this thread gets locked, so be it, because religion was a pretty obvious influence in creating this thread from the start.

    Creationism stems from certain Christians' need to believe that "their" religion is the correct one, and if the history of the earth was correctly depicted in the bible, then they must be right, and everyone else must be wrong.
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