My overall hope after seeing PG's growth this year was Danny would come back healthy and boost his trade value going into the draft. Where we might have been able to jump up and find a backup PF and of course resign West. So obviously this won't happen because Danny will have no trade value until the trade deadline next season. So I had this stupid thought rolling around in my head if Danny can't be traded and is going to recover why not trade Paul George. I know it's blasphemy and I'll repeat it's a stupid idea but I followed it Down this path .

Trade to PHX: PG,Green and our first round pick in mid 20's

Get from PHX: Scola, there 2 first round picks in this years draft.

Scola backs up West at the # 4 pick we get Porter and with the Laker's pick we get McCollum.
We could then go after Reddick with a mid level exp. contract in the 5-6 mil to be our 6th man. The roster would look like this:


We still need a couple fillers for the league minimum or so for PF and PG.

I was just following a train of thought not really advocating this move. I'm curious to see if anyone would be tempted. I know trading Paul is a scary idea with all he's done this year, but the thought just struck me.