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    Wiggins has been in the States for... 2 years i think? obviously, it's not the same as Hakeem joining the HS system from another continent, but still. if Wiggins grew up in the US like LeBron and attended the school in Ohio or such from an early age, i think there'd be much more press.

    i'm not surprised that some people wouldn't know him. i remember a thread this summer where people were discovering him and watching his youtube clips for the first time. the summer wasn't that long ago.
    especially if someone is purely a Pacers fan who hasn't seen a high lotto pick for 25 years.

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    By the way, I think you guys mean different things with "hype". Some of you mean expectations - as in, expectations are super high for a HS player, higher than any other HS player since LeBron. And some of you mean the size of bandwagon / coverage.

    I think he's definitely not as "hyped" as for instance Oden, in terms of coverage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hackashaq View Post
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    And some of you mean the size of bandwagon / coverage.
    FWIW, this is what I mean when I say "hype". And, with some exceptions like LBJ, the most hyped player is not always the best player, just the flashiest/most media-friendly/most "exciting" - in some drafts, the hype player ends up kind of vanishing when the next one comes along. Think about the years between MJ's Chicago time and LBJ's draft, who were the Next Superstar Hype players?

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
    Or throw in a first-round pick and flip it for a max-level point guard...

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