I don't know if Trophy is up now...so close this thread if he creates another Post-Game Thread.

This Team is an "ebb and flow" of efficient scoring offense and stiffling defense with the Starting 5....and then a clinic in how not to run your offense and defense when Vogel starts subbing in the 2nd unit. You can show video of "how to run your offense/defense" when the Starting 5 are on the floor....then show a video of "how not to run your offense and defense" when you start subbing in Players.

You could track when the Pacers and Clippers went on huge runs based off of when the entire Starting 5 is not on the floor. Once the subs start coming in....the Team starts to do terrible on both the offense and defensive end.

Also.....why doesn't Vogel run plays instead of letting PG/Lance/GH "dribble dribble pass pass" until there is less than a few seconds left on the Shot clock?

Seriously.....we started to lose the lead in the 4th QTR when they started doing that. I really don't know why Vogel doesn't run more plays to avoid this.

A Win is a Win.....and we need every one we can get.....but I hate ugly wins. My Blood pressure can't take games like this.