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Thread: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

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    Default Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    Let's assume the specialists would notice the Pacers have arguably the best defense of the regular season, which Pacer do you think deserves to represent the Pacers the most?

    Roy Hibbert
    DRtg: 95 (best in the league tied with Duncan)
    Opponent PER 48min: 16.3
    Opponent eFG% 48min: 0.471
    DRB%: 17.0
    ST%: 1.0
    BLK%: 7.0
    DWS: 4.8

    Paul George
    DRtg: 96
    Opponent PER SF 48min: 10.8
    Opponent eFG% 48min: 0.411
    DRB%: 19.3
    ST%: 2.5
    BLK%: 1.2
    DWS: 6.2

    If you know any more/better stats, feel free to add them
    I didn't add ON/OFF court because I feel liek the wings who have to replace PG don't compare defensively with Mahinmi.
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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    George gives better individual numbers and managed to defend some decent players well (Melo, Harden, Gay, Iggy and more) though I think Hibbert is the reason our defense is so good
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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    Tough call. Paul George has no weaknesses. Roy can get exposed on pick and rolls, so I have to give slight edge to PG

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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    Will be interesting to see how the all defense teams come out this year.

    Guessing Paul is going to get snubbed for Lebron though, and Chandler will beat out Hibbert.

    (My guesses)

    1st team: Chris Paul, Tony Allen, Lebron James, Serge Ibaka, Tyson Chandler
    2nd team: Russell Westbrook (purely a guess, don't know who 2nd best defensive PG is this season, usually Rondo is in it), Kobe Bryant, Paul George, Tim Duncan, Roy Hibbert

    I have my doubts about Hibbert making 2nd team, but I think he deserves it, I'd like to see Paul get 1st team, but it's hard to initially crack the 1st team list.

    Oh and the question for the topic, I'd have to say Paul George, because wings are harder to contain in the NBA these days over big men.
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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    Hibbert anchors a team defense, making everyone else better. Roy.
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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    It sure is nice to have this to debate!

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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    Of the two Pacers i'd pick Roy but overall i'd pick Marc Gasol.
    I think it's going to be a close battle between several bigs -- Gasol, Noah, Hibbert, Duncan. I guess Sanders and Chandler will get some votes as well.

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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    Hibbert deserves it. Too much of a force inside to not get my vote. Remember when he missed the Clippers game??? Yea they got any and everything they wanted. Vote Roy

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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    I'd be ok if Mike Conley was 2nd team.
    Find me on the internets @mattiecolin

    Read it and weep:

    When George Hill is above 15% usage we won 73.5% of games. Below 15% usage we won 61.9%

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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    We would still have a good defense without Paul. We would be hurting big time if you replaced Roy with another Ian.

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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    Quote Originally Posted by BlueNGold View Post
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    We would still have a good defense without Paul. We would be hurting big time if you replaced Roy with another Ian.

    Paul is clearly a great defender, but our team starts and ends with Roy's defense.


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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    Hard to vote. Paul is a better overall defender individually, but Roy's defense helps the entire team in ways Paul's doesn't necessarily. But you could argue that if guys like Harden go 13-22 instead of 5-22 that not only is that a big difference in points given up but it would force the Pacers to over-help on him and get other Rockets open.

    It's really kind of a wash to me. I guess I'll pick Paul because he's more complete.

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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    Yep, when Roy is out it hurts us on defense worse than when PG is out. Roy is the anchor of the D. Roy makes everyone on D look better by not only blocking shots, but also by making people miss when he just attempts to block their shots. Some guys won't even drive the lane when Roy's in there.
    That being said, PG is a top 2 or 3 wing defender in the league. He can shut down almost any teams number 1 scorer. Having 2 all defensive players on the team probably means neither of them wins DPOY.
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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    Paul is a special wing defender but Roy is the anchor and how far the Pacers go in the playoffs will depend in large part on how effective he can be protecting the rim while still avoiding foul trouble.

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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    The Pacers defense basically worked well because of Roy Hibbert. Forcing opposing teams to settle for outside jumpers...that's mainly because of having a big presence inside the paint. PG is a great one-on-one defender, no doubt about it. But he can't cover for 5 guys like Roy can when he's patrolling in the middle.

    Anyway, who would've thought that Roy would grow as a defensive beast? I expected him to be the scoring threat inside, but it turned to be the opposite. But good for him as it probably gave us more wins with him being an elite defensive guy rather than a 1st scoring option big man.

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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    Being a Pacer fan first and foremost, I have to pick the one that means the most to the Pacers. That would be with out a doubt, Roy. However, Paul is the best one on one.

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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    DJ Augustin of course
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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    It's all how you look at what is valuable to a defense. I think Roy has the greatest overall effect on the defense, because with his massive presence menacing anybody who comes at the rim the Pacers longer, taller perimeter guards can pressure way more than a typical team can.

    But I've said this before, every quality team that wants a chance to win a Chip needs a Paul George. Not necessarily the scoring punch he brings, but just a dynamic wing defender that can bother the elite scorers at that position. Melo, Lebron, KD, even the 2 guards like Dwade, Harden and Kobe. That's why Sefolosha, Artest, etc have jobs.

    So the combination of the two makes for an outstanding team D, but the baseline awesomeness stems from Roy. Even if I think PG is probably a top 3 wing defender, period. He might have the best balanced close out in the association right now. What he did to harden and not fouling all that much was impressive.

    They both have their weaknesses. Roy can get torched by quick guards who use the PnR. George can get taken to the cleaners if somebody has enough body to put him in the post and keep it there.
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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    Roy is the only answer here. Go watch the Clippers game. They shredded us inside. Our paint defense was a revolving door. Without Roy we lose our strenght, for teams to shoot long Jays. The Clippers game showed me without a doubt that Roy takes us to the next level.

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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    I voted Roy.
    I hate how much he leaves guards exposed in pick and roll situations.
    And Paul has been pretty fantastic, but makes so many dumb fouls still, and a lot of his on ball gambles seem silly. I like playing passing lanes, but not getting a sloppy reach in around the half court line.
    PG hasn't exactly been a Lockdown guy yet, while Hibbert can make a big difference in the paint and alter most shots put up.
    I could see my vote switching next year though, as George matures.. It's still crazy to me that he is only 22

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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    With defensive win shares, Paul George is the NBA's leader by a LONG shot. There's no close second. He's at 6.2, and the next 5 guys are all between 4.4 and 4.8.

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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    This is hard.

    I think PG is the best individual defender on the team. He shuts his man down and makes it hard for him to get the ball in the first place. PG has great instincts and timing and is so dangerous in the passing lanes.

    Roy obviously controls the interior. He really has great timing too, and I think that in Roy's case this is particularly amazing because he didn't start off that way at all whereas with PG you could see the potential from the start. I think Roy is a significantly better help defender than PG - he really erases a lot of defensive mistakes. Roy's blocks are great, but the number of shots he discourages or alters are even better.

    As noted by many, Roy has trouble with elite pick and roll teams while PG sometimes gambles too much, still commits a few too many silly fouls, and can't quite hold his own in the post yet (though he is better now than he was earlier in the year).

    So I think PG is the most talented individual, on ball defender. Roy is the best team defender and is perhaps slightly more important to our defensive success as a team simply because of the number of shots he has an impact on. I am also particularly impressed with Roy because he has had to work so hard to be what he is. Not saying PG doesn't work hard too, just that he started off with significantly more athletic gifts.

    I'm leaning toward Roy but I haven't voted yet. Need to think on it some more.
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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    As good as PG is, Roy is affecting games like Bill Russell did. It would be a shame if he doesn't win it this year.

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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    I voted for Roy as I think that rim protection is the basis of a good defense.

    But honestly it's everyone. The Pacers defend as a team. Everyone has a clear-cut role and they're doing a good job at it. Of course, Roy & Paul are the two most important defenders.

    But still the same concept applies to those two. Everyone has each other's back. If Paul's player manages to penetrate, Hibbert will challenge him at the rim. If Hibbert is challenging a shot at the rim (and thus takes himself out of rebounding position), Paul will get there and rebound the ball.

    It's chemistry and camarederie. It's systematic and a team effort.

    Hibbert's dominant rim protection gives us the option to stay home at shooters instead of collapsing in the paint. The Clippers game was proof of this. We lacked Hibbert's presence and thus we had to collapse in the paint more. That's why we let several open 3s in that game (that the Clippers somehow managed to miss).

    Paul George's athleticism and length allows him to recover a lot more ground than the average player. His superior defensive awareness helps as well. We all know that he can bother more than one players in a defensive possession.

    I mean, look at this:

    Those two players certainly highlight our D but they're not alone. Everyone is doing their part.

    I was watching a Dallas Mavericks thread the other day (after our game with them) and a poster made me something that made me chuckle. He said the following:

    This Pacer team is so damn tall
    And he is right. Our whole team is tall and long (yeah, I know, that's what she said ). It's true.

    Seriously, let's take a look:

    Roy Hibbert: 7'2 ft, 7'4 (?) wingspan (not sure about that, couldn't find a definite source)

    David West: 6'9 ft, 7'4 wingspan

    Paul George: 6'10 (or 6'9) ft, 6'11 wingspan

    Lance Stephenson: 6'6 ft, 6'10 wingspan

    George Hill: 6'2 ft, 6'9 wingspan


    Ian Mahinmi: 6'11 ft, 7'7 wingspan

    Tyler Hansbrough: 6'9 ft, 6'11 wingspan

    Gerald Green: 6'7 ft, 6'10 wingspan

    Orlando Johnson: 6'5 ft, 6'11 (!!!) wingspan

    DJ Augustin: 5'11 (or 6'0 ft), 6'3 wingspan

    Jeff Pendergraph: 6'10 ft, 7'1 wingspan

    Ok, we have one weakness here. DJ. That's it. Everyone else has amazing length.

    Do you remember what happened when the Rockets attempted to throw bounce passes? Yeah, it didn't work real well. We were easily able to deflect or steal those passes.

    During the off-season, it wasn't clear if we became better or worse but one thing was sure. We got more athletic and longer. The coaching staff implemented a defensive system that is based on this very fact. Our length. Our biggest strength. And it has worked excellently.

    Do you remember Green's 2 blocks in our last game against the Mavericks? Especially that 3 point attempt block. He wasn't even on top of his man. He was a step away but he still managed to block it due to his amazing leaping ability. Orlando Johnson does not jump as high but he has an even better wingspan and plays good positional D (he's also strong for a SG).

    Tyler is ground bound but he's strong as an ox. West has amazing length. Hill is strong and lengthy for a PG. Heck, he has the same length as Rondo and is actually longer than Deron. Not a lot of PGs can post him up and he doesn't give up a lot of size as a SG either unless he's playing against one of the bigger SGs (Kobe, Wade etc.). Ian is athletic with amazing length. Pendy has good athleticism and length as well.

    Take out DJ and then Hill becomes the player with the smallest wingspan. And we're talking about 6'9 wingspan from a PG here. It's just amazing.

    Ok, I'll stop ranting now
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    Default Re: Defensive Pacer Of the Year

    This is a really difficult question to answer imo. I'm leaning towards Roy because the basket protection he brings every night, I have a hard time saying its not more valuable than what PG brings. Just look at the game Hibbert missed against the Clippers. LAC shot 48%, CP3 was 11-18, Griffin was 7-10. I don't think that would have happened with big Roy in the middle. I guess we will find out on Monday though.

    But at the same time, I think great wing defenders always get underrated when it comes to their defense vs big man defense, and I'm not sure how fair that is.

    At the end of the day though, how awesome is it that we have one of the best big men defenders and best wing defenders in the NBA?

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