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Thread: Ed Rush: Comments 'said in jest' (he resigned last night)

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    Default Ed Rush: Comments 'said in jest' (he resigned last night)

    Ed Rush, who resigned Thursday as Pac-12 coordinator of officials following comments that he made about Arizona coach Sean Miller during internal meetings with his officials before the league tournament, said his remarks were "absolutely, 100 percent said in jest" and were said at the "wrong place, wrong time, wrong audience."

    Rush, a longtime NBA referee, told The Associated Press his comments were part of an overall "point of emphasis" to curb coaches' sideline misconduct. Rush said that during the meeting he called out officials Michael Greenstein, Tony Padilla and Brett Nansel -- who worked Arizona's 79-69 Pac-12 quarterfinal win over Colorado on March 14 -- for not disciplining Miller and Buffaloes coach Tad Boyle.

    Rush's decision to resign came less than a week after first reported the accusation of a bounty on Miller and creating an atmosphere of fear among his officials.

    The report said Rush offered $5,000 or a trip to Mexico for giving Miller a technical, which a number of officials in the room at the time confirmed to ESPN on Thursday.

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    Default Re: Ed Rush: Comments 'said in jest' (he resigned last night)

    I'm sure he will be back in the NBA before too long.


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    Default Re: Ed Rush: Comments 'said in jest' (he resigned last night)

    ESPN left this quote out of their article.

    That was wrong place, wrong time, wrong audience," Rush said. "See, where I come from, in the NBA, there's a code that you definitely follow. You never, ever take the conversations in that locker room outside. I learned that code in 1966. Mendy Rudolph taught me that. You talk to the NBA officials, they all follow the code.
    "There's a few guys (in the Pac-12) who didn't follow that code. They missed that part, and that's a shame. That's a very important part of the bond and the profession. Shame on me for not knowing that, but I used poor judgment. So that's my regret. Other than that, we got after it. We spent a lot of time. We definitely made some inroads in the right direction."

    I wonder what that "code" is? Obviously it's that you don't talk outside of the lockerroom, but that's pretty stupid for officials seeing as how they're only supposed to enforce the rules on the rulebooks. You don't need to hide that you called a travel a travel.

    This really stinks like something rotten, atleast for me who thinks NBA refs like to make themselves apart of the action.

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