I will tell you exactly why WE DO THIS DEAL

and I will tell you exactly why WE DON'T DO THIS DEAL

1. We do this deal because Bird and Walsh think by adding Damp and Clax we can make an honest attempt at a chip. We give up Al, but we gain a solid PG and a Solid Center.

In the playoffs the rotation is cut and the starters minutes all go up. Bench scoring becomes less of an issue.

We would prob. only play 7 maybe 8 guys a night. and our bench is solid enough.

2. We don't do this deal because, even with clax and Damp, we don't have a shot at a title. We are still looking a year or two down the road to win the rings. We will lose Al, and our Regular season record will suffer because our bench is weakend.

Bottom Line: I want a 'chip....DO THIS DEAL...

so what if we lose 4-6 more games in the regular season because Al isn't here to fill the gap on "those" nights.

ALL that matters is WINNING in the playoffs