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Thread: Pacers/Lakers Postgame Thread 3/15/13

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    I grew up as a diehard Yankees fan. I went to Commisky park in Chicago to see MY team play against the White Sox. Believe me I wasn't the only Yankees fan there! The Yankees were perrenial World Series winners and drew fans such as myself to other AL parks to see them play. Vnzla is right that winners do that. It's just the way it is.

    Something that no one has mentioned is that the Lakers only play 1 game a year in Indy, so Lakers fans have only 1 opportunity to see their team play. Also no one has mentioned how many Celtic fans were in MSA when Bird played here. Again, it happens, and Hill needs to keep his mouth shut about it. He played here last season, so he knows how it is. He's not so upset that it kept him from signing a 5 year 40 mil contract to stay here. If he's that upset, he can always ask for a trade. Otherwise, do his job and make those opposing fans leave BLF with their heads hanging down from beating their team. It's just that simple.

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