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Thread: *Urgent* PACER Fans please help me....

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    Default *Urgent* PACER Fans please help me....

    I'm sorry to bother some of you, but I need some help for some of you that live in Indy and sees where exactly usually sit on the bench....because I do not know if it makes a difference on road games, but where does he usually sit while he's on the bench and not in the game...which side of the bench or what number seat to the left or right, because I got Phoenix Suns game for Jan. 9 one row behind the Pacers bench and I bought it from this broker...and i'm going to drive or fly from Laguna Niguel, California all the way to Phoenix for the you can tell you know i'm a huge Pacer fan as also seen at the Clipper is important for me to know where Reggie sits so I can talk to him again and the guy selling the tickets has different seats in row 1 behind Pacers bench....i've loved Reggie since I was little. Thanks!

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    No one could help me about this?

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