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Thread: Depth Chart 2013: Linebackers

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    Default Depth Chart 2013: Linebackers

    My take on the depth chart, pre-draft.

    • DLB Erik Walden

      • Lawrence Sidbury
      • Justin Hickman
      • Monte Simmons

    • ILB Pat Angerer

      • Kavell Conner
      • Mario Harvey

    • ILB Jerrell Freeman

      • Scott Lutrus
      • Shawn Loiseau

    • RLB Robert Mathis

      • Jerry Hughes
      • Josh McNary
      • Quinton Spears
      • Jake Killeen

    Free agent signees in bold.
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    Default Re: Depth Chart 2013: Linebackers

    It's not a bad group, I guess. Not great, but better than last year. Connor really impressed me. Biggest question mark is DLB with Walden. The Colts are high on him, everyone else is not, and I'm really confused.
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    Default Re: Depth Chart 2013: Linebackers

    Will be interesting to see what happens with this group a lot of them are free agents after this season.
    Counting down the days untill DJ Augustin's contract expires.

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