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First and foremost I have no problem with this post other than you don't need to be involved in a direct confrontation with another poster. But frankly while I may or may not agree with your analogy I don't think you are off base in citing the knife to kill a tiger. In fact I think that was kind of clever myself.

However now to be fair to everyone else and the Pacers management here I need to point something out.

You are 100% correct that members of the Pacers were leading us to believe that Danny was further along than what he may or may not have been. However I am pretty certain that you never heard Kevin Pritchard or Donnie Walsh make those statements.

I know that one time after a practice that Walsh was quoted as saying that he had forgotten how good Danny was so again that did lead to the speculation that he not only was on track but there was the subtle hint there that he was maybe approaching old form. I know I fell into that trap, I don't blame management btw, I just admit to being a fan and really hoping.

Now here is the part that I want everyone to take away from this.

Just because there was no trade made doesn't mean one could not have been made. So Vnzla81 has every right to make that complaint. He doesn't know if there was one either but it is his right to speculate. Remember he was saying all along that Granger was going to be the way he is at the current moment so in his mind this was a no brainer. Now the rest of us don't think like that but he is not wrong to have those thoughts.

Now Vnzla81 you need to take away from this that you don't know that the Pacers didn't try. Don't buy into the Wells piece that they were watching practice instead of working the phones. In this day and age they have smart phones, lap tops other devices and they could have been reached at any time. You don't know that they didn't look and try and do something and then ultimately decided they just couldn't get anything reasonable done.

You have the right to be upset and IMO you have the right to say "told you so" because this is what you were saying all along. But you can't say that they didn't try either because we just don't know.

Also to everyone, let's keep this above the belt line. If you don't like what a poster has to say then you have the right to say something to them but not about them.
You sound like my Dad trying to settle a fight between me and my Brother.