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Thread: Is it time to pull the plug on Grangerís comeback? Conrad Brunner

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    Default Re: Is it time to pull the plug on Grangerís comeback? Conrad Brunner

    What's this? An actual doctor saying the path Danny has taken is, *gasp*, NORMAL!

    Kaeding said it’s not uncommon for athletes to have setbacks while working their way back from the injury. The Pacers were also prepared for the possibility of Granger running into a roadblock.

    You start to feel better, but as soon as you get back and you start going hard, it’s not uncommon for the pain to come back,” Kaeding said. “That’s why it’s such a challenging problem.”
    And then he goes into how there's different ways to treat it, you know, because we've all been told that the Pacers misdiagnosed it from the beginning since they've changed tactics...
    “It seriously is a difficult problem to deal with,” Kaeding said. “There’s probably 15 or 20 treatments people use to quiet it down. The fact that there’s so many treatments tells you not one of them works great. If one was great, the other 19 would go away.”Surgery is an option but that doesn’t have a “slam dunk-high success rate,” according to Kaeding. The he Pacers have avoided that route thus far.
    “Again, once it’s well established, it’s not an easy problem to treat, specially in athletes who continue to be active,” Kaeding said. “If it was someone like myself, I could take a couple of months off. It’s hard for athletes to do that, especially elite and professional athletes.”
    Cue up the internet doctors.
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