View Poll Results: Foul on Paul Pierce last play of the game?

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  • Yep, it was a foul, and the Pacers should have had 2 free throws

    16 30.77%
  • Nope, it wasn't a foul, the game shouldn't be decided on that type of play.

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Thread: Last play of the game, foul on Pierce or not?

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    Default Re: Last play of the game, foul on Pierce or not?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unclebuck View Post
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    This would not have been a foul at any point in the game. Pierce has just as much right to the position as George did.
    Not when a forearm / elbow strikes the face / head of the opponent. It was a foul. Period.
    Hopefully, Paul learned from the veteran move by Pierce as timing of the foul was perfect. And Pierce knows he won't be called out in that time of a game 9/10 times.
    Garbage players get 1st round picks, (WTF)! All of the NBA must hate the Pacers! LOL

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