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Until the Team cuts down on those turnovers ( I am looking at you PG24 ) and stop making stupid mistakes.....I don't think that the game against the Heat is going to be close.

Sorry to be Debbie-Downer....but the only way that the Pacers can beat the Heat is if they are flawless on the defensive end and able to execute on the offensive end....both from the Starters and bench Players.
You are a debbie-downer, this is a team that played like crap against the Clippers last week and still was with in 4 pts of a victory in the final minute. Pacers have alot of fight, and their defense can lock down any opponent. We turned the ball over a ton in that game and the Clippers just like the Heat thrive on turnovers. We will be fine, just need to dictate the pace of the pace of the pace of the game.