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Thread: Odd Thought's: Defiance (pummeling the Warriors)

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    Default Odd Thought's: Defiance (pummeling the Warriors)

    So I’m walking out of the game once again on another high that only comes with another Pacers victory and I am going towards the normal green trash can to meet up with my fellow Pacers brothers & sisters. I’m jubilant on top of the world and ready to join in some post game merriment and exultation of our beloved team when I come across Hicks who looks like the visage of death standing there.

    In a quandary as to why he looked so sour I was going to ask if he was unhappy at some incident in his life or if he was suffering from gas. He proceeded to tell me how bad he thought this was. Well at first I was confused as all get out, how bad what was as we had just beaten a good solid team. But before we could go on high octane once again decided to ruin our spot by playing their damn drums in the hallway (God that is irritating) so by this time Gnome & the Mrs. Have arrived and we begin to wander our way down to the window by the practice court when en route to there Gnome tells me he is very disappointed.

    Again, stunned I ask in what? He tells me he is disappointed in Roy.

    You could have knocked me over with a feather. In fact by the time Seth, BillS & Mrs. And Trader Joe had arrived they were all either disheartened or in BillS case downright despondent.

    I was beside myself, how was it that I was the optimistic upbeat person of the bunch. Now to be fair Trader Joe was supportive of the incident but did believe that there would be repercussions.

    I tried to console the group, BillS was already writing the epithet for the season, but I wasn’t really getting anywhere. By the time I had to leave I wanted to contact the local suicide hotline and tell them to be on the look out. They all left down and depressed and I was ready to go home and write Klingon Opera’s about the night that Roy Hibberts testicles actually dropped.

    Since it didn’t work on them let me bring it here.

    Roy Hibbert & I ride together!

    Eff the league.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t want to lose him for the Clippers game I would say that a one game suspension for Roy Hibbert will do nothing but raise his street cred as the kids would say.

    Golden State was getting pummeled; in fact I’ll go ahead and say it. Take away Curry’s sweet sweet shot and this would have been another beat down of Biblical proportions and there was nothing they could do about it.

    Now being competitors they didn’t like the thumping they were taking and decided that the only retort to our physical domination, since the referee crew were not going to fall for their flopping, was to be physical in return.

    They don’t have the horses to be physical and therefore when push came to shove they actually decided to push & shove. Fair enough, their men & I respect that.

    David Lee decided to take umbrage with Roy’s bumping him off of the box, good for him. Stand up for yourself & I’m sure Mark Jackson appreciates your effort.

    BTW, kudos to Mark Jackson for changing the culture of that team. They really do play defense now and to go along with the shooting touch from their back court they will have a few good years ahead of them.

    Anyway back to Roy & Lee. Once Lee decided to give Roy a two arm shove Roy in the blink of an eye gave him one back. First and foremost I didn’t think Roy had it in him, normally this will evoke a “hey” response from Roy. But for whatever reason tonight he decided that he had taken enough.

    Lee bumped back and the melee was on.

    The next thing I see is Roy shoving a Warriors player over, it ends up being Curry but I couldn’t tell that at the time, and all I want to do is stand up and yell Qapla!!!!!

    Then there was some shoving and running about and then David West, as Hicks said I described it, cleared out the section as though he were Sauron knocking soldiers around with his Mace.

    All in all I was having a good time. People lets not forget who one of my favorite Pacers is, a knock down drag out fight is just part of a nights work back in the day.

    Look nobody did anything dirty here, heck I’m not even mad at the Warriors and in fact I really respect what Lee said after the game about everybody was playing hard and it was just all left on the court.

    This was nothing; this wouldn’t have even been news at all if it wasn’t for the ghost of idiots past. By idiots I mean the members of the team who gave us the bad image.

    I know several of you guys are ready to jump off of a bridge or something because of the fear of the image of the brawl and how people will never want to come to our games or whatever.

    Let me talk you off of the ledge.

    Let us all remember one thing; the local fans supported the team lock, stock and Stephen Jackson’s smoking barrel after the brawl. I know because I was one of the very few who was trying to say that our team was in the wrong that night. Believe me I was crucified for that belief.

    But the locals came out and supported the next home game vs. the Magic like it was game 7 in the playoffs.

    The fan base did not turn on the team because of the brawl, in fact we as a city and area whether we like to admit it out loud or not like a good scuffle. Now I have no problem admitting it but people of higher caliber (read that as almost anybody) probably would.

    The locals turned on the team for episode after episode of legal miscues, off court issues, injuries and then when Artest demanded the trade it all but collapsed.

    Here is why that won’t happen this time.

    First these aren’t the same group of players. There is no history of bad behavior, there is nobody that has been labeled a malcontent and there hasn’t been a single police report filed.

    In fact these guys are either perceived as dull or good guys. That other group had already even before the brawl had the fan base turn against them some. Jackson was already getting some boo’s from the home crowd in his short tenure due to him cursing at Rick when he was taken out of a game, Tinsley was already running thin with people because of his inability to stay on the floor and yes there were even some people who took issue with Artest.

    None of that his here this time.

    Oh sure somebody is going to say that the locals don’t care they are just looking for an excuse, etc.

    Let’s get a grip for a min. The people who are going to say that were going to say that no matter what. They didn’t buy Pacers tickets in the past, they don’t buy them at present and they will not buy Pacers tickets in the future.

    The local news media will not cover this the same way, again different cast of characters.

    This will blow over and IMO it will endear Roy and West and others to the fans that were there tonight and watched the game. They saw nobody did anything crazy and they saw that just like with Danny the other night this team is a unit and will be there for one another.

    Hell I couldn’t be more proud of the Pacers than I am right now.

    In fact look at us we’ve spent this entire time talking about this and have kind of overlooked the big picture.
    WE WON!!!!!!

    Let’s do some grades.

    David West: A++

    S olomon
    H ercules
    A tlas
    Z eus
    A chilles
    M ercury

    Paul George: A

    He is now averaging 10.5 ppg against the Warriors this season. Actually kind of started out rough but when he kicked it on, well there was just nothing they could do to stop him.

    Roy Hibbert: A++

    He was having a very good game on the floor before he ascended Mount Olympus and attained Godhood. Don’t be ashamed Roy, hold your head high and don’t take crap from anyone. I’m not advocating dirty play or even being overly physical but don’t back down.

    George Hill: A

    He decided to play Curry in a first half game of H-O-R-S-E matching him shot for shot in the second quarter, but then George has other team mates who can do something so in the second half he did the smart thing and rode the horse that is David West to victory. BTW, Curry’s shot making had nothing to do with bad defense by Hill. Dude was just hitting crap with a lightning fast release. George had great defense and controlled the ball very well.

    Lance Stephenson: B

    Just didn’t have the best night in the world from the field but still contributed to the win and I am certain he had something to do with the increase in chippiness as the game went on.

    Tyler Hansbrough: C-

    Ugh, whatever happened to his face up 15’ jump shot? Am I dreaming or at one point in time a couple of years ago didn’t he hit that shot on occasion? C- is really kind of generous but he did play some really good defense on a couple of possession.

    Danny Granger: C

    Lord this is going to be rough to watch. You can see he still knows how to get to where he wants to go and he still can get there. Converting a shot though? Well that just hasn’t happened yet. He still does good things on the floor and I was really surprised tonight to see how much off the ball movement he was doing on offense. Clearly they were trying to drag other players off of West and Paul by running Danny towards the basket in an effort to open up the shot for them. Defense was decent tonight but man is that shot putrid.

    Ian Mahinmi: C

    I’m not sure why I wasn’t more happy with him than I was but it just seemed that the old butter fingers seemed to be in effect again tonight and honestly I didn’t think he did all that good with staying with his man. Still though it’s nice to have a legitimate 7’ player coming off of the bench & hey we may need him to be ready to start on Thursday.

    D.J. Augustine: C-

    To quote Jim O’Brien, “irrelevant”.

    Orlando Johnson: D

    Certainly not the night he had vs. the Pistons.

    My God people we are striding he world like a colossus and I won’t hear anything about bad times. We are tearing through teams like Godzilla through Tokyo and these aren’t bottom feeder teams.

    Get up, rejoice, this is what we sat through 4 soul sucking years of Satan for. This is the payoff, well at least until we hang that banner next fall.

    Basketball isn't played with computers, spreadsheets, and simulations. ChicagoJ 4/21/13

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