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Thread: PS3 NBA 2K13 league?

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    Default Re: PS3 NBA 2K13 league?

    I can adjust the time and date to any time between now until 30 days into the future.

    But I have tentatively set the start of the Draft and Free Agency to Saturday 5/18 at 12pm EDT / 9am PDT only because the pre-set Draft Time and Date would have fallen on a Friday.

    NOTE - We are not doing the Draft / Free Agency at this time...I only wanted to make sure that I set the Draft Time and date soemtime in the near future...not during a time that we won't be available.

    I know that the Draft doesn't matter to most of you.....but since the Free Agency ( the only part of the Offseason that we care about ) starts right after that....We need to figure out a time and date to do this.
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