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It took two real days for me to sign Thabeet.

Also I didn't veto the draft picks trade BUT I would have if it hasn't already been vetoed. Tried to pull a fast one - offering the worst team in the league (by far at 5-16) your 1st round and 2nd round picks for their #1 overall pick most likely. The Bobcats would not trade their 1st for the Pacers first and two seconds this year - that is what the trade is equivalent to.
For me, it's hard to compare a "Real World" trade scenario to a "2k13" trade scenario. I know in real life....teams won't make trades like this......but in the 2k13 world...where there is assigned trade values to the Players and factors like Salary, Potential, Player Ratings come into consideration......I don't agree that we should look at it from a "In the Real World, Teams wouldn't make that trade" perspective. If it is obvious where it is blantantly unfair...like trading a Player rated at 90 for a Player rated at 70....yes...those should be vetoed. But if it's a Player with 80 for a Player that is 75 where the Trade Value matches up....then I think those type of trades should be allowed to go through.