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Thread: Which would you prefer? Irrational Confidence guy or solid bench contributor?

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    Default Which would you prefer? Irrational Confidence guy or solid bench contributor?

    George Hill off the bench or Jamal Crawford?

    Lance Stephenson or Monta Ellis? (providing both should come off the bench - Lance will be, Monta SHOULD be)

    If you don't like any of those examples insert your own.

    What brought me to this was reading Bill S and Zach Lowe's trade deadline columns. They were both talking about how Monta was a net negative on the court because of his dumb offense and **** poor defense. They made the obvious conclusion that Monta would probably be a great irrational confidence guy of the bench. I was thinking how amazing this would be for the Pacers until it dawned on me- I'd probably like Lance Stephenson more. He's a better defender. I don't think I ever like having defensive liabilities on the court. Especially when they're playing heavy minutes.

    Lance playing good defense and scoring 13 or 14 a game per 36 would be my choice over Monta Ellis.. Anywho, Whadaya folks think??

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