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I feel like there aren't any land based critters that we don't know about. Or at least ones that are seen with the naked eye. All the crazy **** is miles under the ocean like that god forsaken eel shark that haunts my dreams.
New species on land are found all of the time and some of them are large. Species that were thought to be extinct are discovered. The gorilla was not discovered until 1900 although the natives told stories about them and scientists had been looking for them for about 70 years. No bones were discovered and only the stories of the natives kept them looking. Does this mean that bigfoot exists? No, it doesn't but scientist have hair samples taken in the Pacific Northwest that are from an unknown primate. I spend a lot of time up there and many locals claim to have seen them. I don't think they are lying but are they correct about what they saw? I will admit that I am very curious and I keep an open mind.....