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Thread: New(ish) to Banker's Life Fieldhouse

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    Hello Pacers Digest!

    Normally I'm just a dedicated lurker, but that changes today.

    So I've been yearning to go to a game all year, and on Thursday my wife and I are set to see our second Pacers game at BLF! (1st game - 3/28/11 win vs Celtics) We are hoping to soak in as much of the atmosphere as possible since we aren't able to attend many games. My apologies if this information is more accessible somewhere else, but... At what time is BLF open to the public? We've got tickets in Section 4, so I was hoping to watch as much pre-game festivities as possible.

    Any other advice for attaining the best Pacers BLF experience is welcome, too.

    Thanks for being a great community!

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    You can get into the building about 2 hours before tip, but to get to go past the lobby (you have to get searched and ticket checked etc) it's strictly 1 hour before tip. If you get in line and get your ticket checked quickly, you can get up the stairs and go down the stairs of in between sections 1/20, make a left at the floor, and you can stand at the home tunnel and wait for Pacers autographs. Make sure you stand on the side of the tunnel away from the stairs you were just on... Like you have to cross the tunnel path to the other side. I hope that made sense.

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    Hello Pacers Digest!
    Thanks for being a great community!
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