Glass fragments in Kellogg's Special K spark a recall
Consumers like crunchy cereal, but not when the extra texture is from harmful shards. The recall involves 36,000 boxes sold nationwide.

The finding of glass fragments has prompted Kellogg (K -0.17%) to recall some Special K Red Berries cereal, a version of the classic cereal that includes "deliciously sweet strawberries." It's geared toward health-conscious consumers, who presumably wouldn't view cut lips as a health benefit.

The recall involves 36,000 boxes and three sizes of the product, which had been distributed across the U.S. to some grocery stores, Reuters reports. No injuries have been reported, the company said.

Kellogg didn't say how the glass was found or what caused the problem, but it's the second grocery-store product to encounter a recall due to glass this month alone.

Nestlé (NSRGY -0.99%) recalled some of its Lean Cuisine ravioli dishes earlier this month after three consumers reported finding glass shards in the product. None of them were injured. Nevertheless, finding glass fragments in your food is one sure-fire way to lose your appetite.

Kellogg says the sizes covered by the recall are an 11.2-ounce package, a 22.4-ounce twin pack and a 37-ounce package. But consumers also need to check their packages' specific use-by dates and UPC codes because not all packages are affected.

Consumers who bought the recalled cereal can contact Kellogg for a replacement coupon, and the company said it might "retrieve the food for further evaluation."

It's the latest in a series of cereal recalls for Kellogg products. In October, the company recalled 2.8 million boxes of Mini-Wheats cereal after finding the possible presence of metal fragments from a faulty manufacturing part. And in 2010, Kellogg recalled 28 million boxes of popular cereals such as Froot Loops after finding an unusual smell and flavor.

In the most recent recall, Kellogg offered buyers of the affected Special K Red Berries cereal some advice, just in case they're thinking of tempting fate: "[D]o not eat the food."