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Thread: OT: USC interested in Tim Floyd?!

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    Default OT: USC interested in Tim Floyd?!

    A source also told that USC was expected to contact Tim Floyd on Monday if school officials haven't already contacted him over the weekend.
    Yeah, I know he was good in college, but still, what the hell are they thinking? I'd much rather have Paul Westphal, a USC alum who would crawl through broken glass for that job. Speaking of USC alums, I'd rather have Cheryl Miller, for god's sake.
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    Default Re: OT: USC interested in Tim Floyd?!

    Cheryl coaching the men - that'a actually not an awful idea.

    You missed the bit about contacting Bobby Knight. I lived in bloomington for 8 years of Knight-dom. If he moves here, I'm going to consider relocating to Alaska.

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