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Thread: Best trade scenarios

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    Default Best trade scenarios

    Pacers trade dj, gerald green, ian mah for josh smith from the hawks.
    Than trade tyler and jeff p. for derrick favors from utah.
    Give the second round draft to whoever makes it more difficult to trade to.

    Pacers lineup
    Pg: g hill/ lance/ b hans
    Sg: pg/ sam/ orlando
    Sf: dg/ josh s/ pg
    Pf: west/ favors
    C: roy/ plumlee

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    Default Re: Best trade scenarios

    Bad trade
    3 bench players don't get you Josh Smith
    and no way in hell 2 bench players get you Favors
    Quote Originally Posted by Piston Prince
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    Bobcat fans telling us to cheer up = epic fail season
    "Josh Smith Re-building the city of Detroit one brick at a time"

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