I've been saying this all along. I have been ridiculed for it as well. Hansbrough is one of the best defenders on this team. Right behind Hibbert and George in my book, and they are both elite so he is in good company. It is good to see my frequently bashed opinion expressed by a professional backed up by stats. It would be a mistake for us to let this guy go. He is a great all around defender, gets under the skin of almost everyone he plays against because he goes HAM, and his offensive game is showing steady improvement in several areas. He has not hit his ceiling yet and can still improve the next few years, while West will almost surely decline the next few years just because of old man time. I could be wrong, and I know my opinion is in the extreme minority, but I think Hansbrough is the better option going forward after this year. Pendy can hold his weight as the back up and everyone is sleeping on Plumlee big time. Larry Bird usually wins with time, you will see. lol