Seven trades that should happen
As the trade deadline nears, here are seven deals we would like to see
By Tom Haberstroh | ESPN Insider
Updated: February 19, 2013, 4:29 PM ET

4. Steve Nash to the Indiana Pacers
Indiana Pacers receive: Steve Nash, Metta World Peace, Jordan Hill and Steve Blake. Los Angeles Lakers receive: Danny Granger, George Hill, Lance Stephenson and Ben Hansbrough. The deal in Trade Machine.

It's just too painful to watch Nash's talents go to waste inside the ongoing circus in Laker Land. Dwight Howard appears to be allergic to running the pick-and-roll with Nash, which is a basketball crime of the highest degree. Not to mention, Kobe Bryant is now splitting ballhandling duty, which strips Nash of his wizard-like talents with the rock.

Indiana would be a brilliant landing spot for the two-time MVP, even aside from the obvious fact that Nash looks like he could step in right away for a "Hoosiers" remake. The Pacers rank 24th on offense and sorely need an injection of offensive creativity. Nash hasn't penetrated the paint as he has in the past, but he may just need a change in scenery. And Granger becomes a bit superfluous with Paul George's ascension. Metta World Peace's return to Indiana is a whole separate matter.

As with the Boston scenario above, the Lakers would have be on board with the idea that building for the future is more valuable than a slight chance at a first-round exit this season. In the short term, Hill would give the Lakers a much stronger defensive presence on the ball, and Granger (if and when he's healthy) could help buoy the offense without Nash. A 2013 playoff push wouldn't be ruled out, and Granger becomes a free agent just in time for the 2014 free-agent sweepstakes. This a deal that probably won't happen, but Nash's leading the Pacers against the Heat would be fantastic postseason theater.