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Thread: Best Young All-Star: PG or Kyrie?

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    Default Re: Best Young All-Star: PG or Kyrie?

    Kyrie Irving is awesome. He is an absolutely complete offensive player and he is only 20 years old. He has amazing handles, he can shoot, he has good body control, he has great footwork, he can drive and finish at the rim, he can post up, he can pass. He can do everything on the offensive side of the ball. But he's not a two-way player yet. And he is a point guard.

    Yes, the point guard is one of the most important positions in basketballs. But what's important is that your point guard knows his role. You don't have to be an amazing talent to be a successful point guard. If you are a good basketball player and you execute your role then you can be a successful point guard even if you are not a top 10 talent. In fact, point guards that are top 10 talents tend to win less titles than any other position in the NBA.

    Simply put, wings and bigs win more often than PGs. Under this premise, I would take Paul George over Kyrie Irving. Simply because Paul is a wing and Kyrie is a PG.
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