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Thread: Is this the kind of trade the Pacers need to be looking for?

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    Default Is this the kind of trade the Pacers need to be looking for?

    I read in Hoops Hype that the Phoenix Suns are interested in Josh Smith and has Marcin Gortat, among others, to offer. Atlanta Hawks, in the past, have expressed interest in Roy Hibbert. Pacers are facing a salary cap crunch in the relatively near future. All three of these things made me wonder if there was a basis for a trade here? And/or if this was the kind of trade the Pacers should or would be looking for to create cap space while minimizing the negative impact of that salary reduction.

    So what about a three way trade that moves Roy to Atlanta, Smith to Phoenix and Gortat to Indy. Plus whatever details needed to make it work. IMO, the Pacers are getting the short end of the main deal, so extra draft picks need to end up in Indy. But these three guys are the main players.

    Quick look at the numbers: Roy makes $14M, $15M and $15.5M over the next 3 yrs. Gortat makes $8M next year and probably more IF he resigns after that. Smith is looking for a 30% max contract which means about $17M, $18M, $20M and $21M over the next 4 yrs. This trade would probably give the Pacers the cap space to resign David, Danny and Lance if they wanted to.

    Is this the kind of thing the Pacers should do? It seems that Gortat is weaker defensively than Roy, but he is a very skilled player. There is a possibility that David, Ian and Gortat could make a success of a 3 big rotation. If so, that would allow the Pacers to do the Naptown Seth thing of putting their salary into a rotation of 8 guys and filling the roster with rookies and minimum salary players.

    I'm trying not to make this a proposed trade thread, but more of a trading philosophy thread. More about what kind of trades the Pacers should be looking for that a specific trade for specific players. Pacers are going to be in a cap space crunch. IMO, they are either going to have to do something like this or make a 2 for 1 trade of Danny, Lance and/or David for Josh Smith or Rajon Rondo themselves.
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