You know what is hilarious, is I was thinking about this deal and was trying come up with scnearios where the Pacers could get involved in a deal surrounding JSmith and Gortat/Dudley and there were two threads one dealing with ATL and the other PHO, so this combines them a bit:

PHX gets:

Josh Smith 1yr, $13.200M
Gerald Green 3 yr, $10.500M

In - Year One: $16.700M, Total Deal: $23.700M
Out - Year One: $15.009M, Total Deal: $35.486M

ATL gets:

Marcin Gortat 2 yr, $14.986M
Tyler Hansborough 1 yr, $3.055M
Shannon Brown 1 yr, $3.500M

In - First Year: $13.814M, Total Deal: $21.541
Out - First Year: $14.162M, Total Deal: $14.162M

IND gets:

Jared Dudley 4 yr, $17.000M
Ivan Johnson 1 yr, $0.962M

In - First Year: $5.212M Total Deal: $17.962M
Out - First Year: $6.555M, Total Deal: $13.555M

This deal gets Atlanta a perfect center to pair with Horford. Hansborough becomes their backup PF with Zaza at backup Center. They get Brown, who can add athleticism to their wing on an expiring deal. They might get a draft pick from Phoenix. They use up about $7.7M of their cap space in getting Gortat. This might actually be a good thing, since the Hawks will have plenty of cap space. They will then have just over $30M in pure space, but they will keep a cap hold on Teague at about $6M to drop it down to $24M. If they want Hansborough longer term, then he will re-sign early because he won't get a deal above his cap hold of $7.6M. I think this deal gives Atlanta about $20M in real cap space. I could see them letting everyone go, except Teague and ending up with $24M in cap space.

Phoenix gets Josh Smith and his Bird Rights, which should be a huge advantage in re-signing Smith. They also replace Brown with Green. Two athletic guards that replicate what one another do. They take on two years of Green's salary that basically offsets Dudley's deal, but that shouldn't be a concern since they get the best player in this deal. Phoenix will maintain about $22M in cap space with ten guys under contract, without whomever they draft. That will be plenty to re-sign Smith with and potentially add another player (SG).

The Pacers, basically upgrade their bench. It gives us our backup to Granger at SF immediately. But it also gives us the ability to move Granger this off-season. Move George to SF, Stephenson to SG, and Dudley is our main wing, for a lot less money overall. Then O. Johnson can be the main SG backup next year as well, which I think he is ready for.

We add a mean SOB in I. Johnson, who does exactly what Tyler does, beat you up and give you energy. Johnson hits the mid range jumper about as well as Tyler, but he blocks more shots at the cost of getting to the line less. Johnson and Mahinmi would be a GREAT defensive tandem and can both shoot well enough that you can't leave them. Johnson is a restricted FA and will end up signing for less than Hansborough, yet give you about the same production. Pendergraph is a FA too and we can take care of backup PF with two guys for the cost of Hansborough.

We wouldn't necessarily have to move Granger either, because the money in this deal works out in our favor up until the fourth year left on Dudley's deal, which is the difference in long-term money. Dudley fits our offensive system so much more than Green (or Young). He is a smart player who would compliment our roster from day one. He is a fantastic passer and reads defenses very well. He has the flexibility to guard both wing spots well.

PG - Hill, (Augustin), Hansborough
SG - George, Stephenson, O. Johnson
SF - (Granger), Dudley, (Young)
PF - West, (I. Johnson), (Pendergraph)
C - Hibbert, Mahinmi, Plumlee