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I don't see how Artest beats out a young, brash, cocky "Hollywood" Miller for that team. Minus the bipolar, Reggie still did it all better. Sure, Artest threw Jordan to the floor in a pickup game and broke Michael's ribs, but Reggie actually got under Michael's skin.
I guess I was thinking of physical rather than mental damage. Which would give an honorable mention to shorttime ABA center Reggie Harding, who famously carried loaded weapons, threatened teammates (poor "tweety bird" Jim Rayl in the Loose Balls story), eventually lost his job threatening his GM, and then even lost his life living the same way.

The all-time trash-talking /getting into your head team features Chuck and Reggie, obviously, but I may need help on filling out the other spots. "Super John" Williamson used to lay down the smack, but I'm drawing a bit of a blank otherwise.