You probably know the documentaries from the excellent as usual NFL Films. In case you don't, here is the wiki link

They are great docs with each year's SB winners where they interview 3 key figures of that season's winning team, you hear stories probably you hadn't heard before. All that accompanied with showing footage from the key matches of that season (always with NFL Films' great direction). I have them all and I have watched through 1984 49ers so far.

Anyway, I was watching NFL Network yesterday and they were showing Colts' SB season. Now, I personally have watched it once already (it was really good), and I sat down for a 2nd time. I didn't last all the doc cause I was dismayed by the amount of times they disrupted the program to show ads. I mean they were showing like 7-8 minutes of the doc and they would stop for commercials.So annoying! Are they always like that in their programs? I was thinking of paying next season to have the full package but if they are anything like it, I certainly wouldn't get near it.