So I have decided I am going to make a website to network. It's going to be a scouting website and will post scouting reports and mocks and just general draft stuff as well as some NBA stuff. Will probably do videos and do vocie over reports. I have a lot of ideas . I think it will be a good networking tool to get some of my stuff out there.

Only issue is I have no clue about how to make a website or where to even start. I looked at some of the sites like godaddy and gator and I don't know what to do. The domains and what not are pretty cheap but I would have no idea what to do in terms of the code and how to work everything.

Anyone know about how this stuff works? Any advice would be helpful. Would also like adviceon how to get the most hits in the search bars and all that said. I really am clueless with websites.

I hope to be able to launch pretty soon I almost have all the content ready to get started. I have about 5 full scouting reports and a mock ready. I plan to have at least 30 full reports by the draft and will hopefully do more after.