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Thread: Bob Kravitz recovering from minor heart attack

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    Indy Star sports columnist Bob Kravitz recovering from minor heart attack

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    A heart attack hit close to home for WTHR over the weekend.
    Sports contributor Bob Kravitz is talking about his heart attack, and what we can learn from his experience. Bob is joking today that he needs an oil change every 5,000 miles and now he's good to go. But it's not that simple.
    We caught up with the Indianapolis Star columnist at his Fishers home where we witnessed his phone blowing up with many asking how he's doing.
    "I'm tired because I've heard from everybody!" said Kravitz, who was fielding calls from Colts owner Jim Irsay and IU men's associate head basketball coach Tim Buckley, among others.
    Many learned of Kravitz's condition during Dick Vitale's commentary during the IU-Michigan game.
    "It was very nice of Dick Vitale and very humbling, and nice to know people were thinking of me," he said.
    The heart attack happened Friday while he was playing hockey before heading to the Pacer/Heat game.
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    "I felt that familiar in my left arm, a little bit in my jaw and my chest was a little tight. But after I played it just persisted and I thought I'd better get my butt to the heart hospital," he said.
    Community Health Physician and Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Scott Sharp took Kravitz to the cath lab and performed an angioplasty to open up the blockage.
    "Any heart attack can be serious because certainly during the time within the first 24 hours, arrhythmias can complicate heart attacks which can then result in sudden death. So even though you have a small amount of muscle potentially being damaged, the reality is that any heart attack can result especially early on in death so it's important to get treated early on," said Dr. Sharp.
    Kravitz says he has seven stents and a family history of heart disease on both sides, along with a stressful job.
    "If I don't make deadline there's a big blank space in the newspaper and you're on the carpet explaining why there's that big blank space. So there's pressure. There's a lot of self-imposed pressure. You put a lot of pressure on yourself to be great at what you do. I do the same thing. We all have an enormous fear of failure and embarrassment so we put a lot of in on ourselves," he said.
    Kravitz is already back on the job, covering the Pacers-Bulls game Monday night. His doctor prefers a cautious rather than cavalier attitude.
    Doctor's orders are to ease back in over the next two weeks and commit to changes that will decrease his risk. For Kravitz, that means losing some weight and staying away from the occasional cigar.
    Kravitz is 52. He first experienced heart problems at 46.
    While he drove himself to hospital, Dr. Sharp says if you feel like you are having a heart problem, call 911. If you have family history of heart disease and think you have indigestion, you should see a doctor and rule out heart issues. Managing your cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugars, weight and not smoking will help you decrease your heart disease risk.

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