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Thread: Pacers Receive Media Recognition 2/5/13

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    Default Re: Pacers Receive Media Recognition 2/5/13

    On first take they were debating on whose the number one threat to the Heat.

    Skip chose the Celtics, But we all know he tries to play the devils advocate. However, Stephen A picked

    the Pacers. We have size and above avg starters, He also called Paul George a star. Where I disagree with him

    is that he said that our weakness is NY(Melo specifically). Melo can't kill us, Where we lose the battle with

    NY is there PnR game, Dribble penetration and of course all 3's are falling. I can't wait to hit the playoffs. The only teams

    we are badly over matched with are the Hawks and Nets(I do believe we can beat them soundly, But Lopez is a mismatch nightmare vs Hibbert)

    I am very confident in this team. I do hope we do meet up with the Heat in the ECF, I won't say we'll win. But we'll definitely be ready. The Pacers along with

    Frank are some sort of creature that evolves. We're like Super Saiyans ha. The more we get beat up the stronger we become. Everyone just seems to get a lot better in the offseason.

    You can't understand how underrated that is, My goodness. Not that long ago we were in the same boat as the Bucks. Monta and Brandon have peaked, They won't get better and that

    is depressing. I love this team and it's core. We want success and If we don't win! It won't be because the lack of hard work or dedication, Everyone in this Franchise has worked there

    butt off.

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    Default Re: Pacers Receive Media Recognition 2/5/13

    I think the key to beating NYK in the playoffs will be the same as how we beat Philadelphia in 1999 and 2000. Let Iverson I mean Anthony go one on one. He may score 50 points if he wants to bust his *** and he gets super hot. Just lock up everyone else as best you can and see if they can produce 40+ more points with our tall/long defenders sticking to them. And that's one game. Odds are he ain't dropping anything close to 50 four times out of seven.

    If he plays at PF, he'll give West fits but if we're smart we'll throw that back in his face on the other and I think David will have a decent go at scoring on him or getting some fouls.

    Otherwise, you can go stretches of small with Granger or George guarding him at the 4. They want Melo at the 4, okay. We'll play long stretches of Hill, Stephenson, George, Granger at the 1-4 if we have to.

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    Default Re: Pacers Receive Media Recognition 2/5/13

    Chris Mannix of SI is hosting the Dan Patrick Show this morning. Said he is leaning toward picking the Pacers over the Heat to come out of the East.....
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