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We talk about his offense, but how about that clutch block?
i dont know Boozers stat line but im certain DWEST outplayed him. what if the bulls put Noah on DWEST. Hibbs is awful offensively. this game tonight was unbelievable. Love Hibbs but im not blind homer fan here. He was a blackhole. and it affected his D tonight.

if Noah played i think Hibbert would have played better. just a hunch tho and certainly no excuse for his play tonight. unacceptable. we shoulda dominated the Bulls by 20. Granger will be ready to play soon and I believe the question of how to keep Lances minutes is resolved by reducing Hibb. Granger can play PF and I know West/Mahinmi combo can man the middle. Hibberts minutes may go down to 24 to keep Lance in the game longer. guess it depends alot on mathups.

I dont get what is up with Hibbert at all. I mean. I see it. I am sure many other pacer fans do to. He is very awkward. NONE of us on here are 7'2 270+ so its easy for us all to find reason to criticize because HIBBS is a MAX player. I believe maybe the $$$ is affecting his game. no other excuses are valid except the wrist thing. ?!?!

Hibbert has to domiante tonight. im dissapointed. vs the Bulls. He needs to own them wiht no NOAH. Coach Vogel is right he needs to dunk everthing to be aggressive. sorry but that one play where hibbs held the ball for 8 seconds, then dribbled to the lane.. and threw up some fn garbage i see on recreation ball every week i play thats horseh t s. what was that . and then the awesome dunk George tried to throw down.. hibbs gets the rebound and just chucks up some more fkn garbage. what the .