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Thread: Do you believe in ghosts/paranormal?

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    Default Re: Do you believe in ghosts/paranormal?

    Even if you don't go with the universe being infinitely big and an infinite number of universes, we know that there are billions upon billions of stars. They're finding that there are millions of planets that fall within the required distance of a sun to support life, as we know it.

    Maybe I should start an aliens thread. I was just hesitant because I didn't want the definition of aliens to fall into green/grey/etc humanoids.
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    Default Re: Do you believe in ghosts/paranormal?

    Quote Originally Posted by GrangeRusHibbert View Post
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    It's a poorly-thought-out argument because it only looks at one side of the coin, the size of the universe, and ignores the flipside, the many known factors required for life to form/exist in the first place.

    The analogy I've always used is Uncle Cletus buying 20,000 Powerball tickets, each with an individual number combination. In his mind, he's about to hit the jackpot. After all, with so many number combinations, it's (in his mind) an absolute certainty that one will be the big winner. Of course, even though 20,000 combinations is quite a lot, it's a very small number when compared to the 175M or so possible combinations, thus, it remains a long shot that Cletus will win the jackpot.
    But even with a 175M possible combinations it only takes one ticket to win. 20 thousand tickets would be the equivalent of one milkyway galaxy. We know there are thousands of stars in the milkyway. So our solar system was the one and only winning ticket? Thats just not likely, because of the randomness of the universe the same combinations of circumstance that we have here on earth are bound to repeat.

    Also your example is flawed in the idea that there is only one lottery drawing ever. While universe is constantly changing, meaning its really an infinite amount of chances. So if even if your chances were infinitely 20K out 175M. Thats pretty good odds over the course of infinity.
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    I have also had some encounters with spirit like entities. I'm not sure I'd call it ghosts, because I know who the spirit was, being my father. Since he passed, he's visited me periodically in dreams, signs and I've seen him a few times.

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