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    There were a ton of unfair, whiny and quite honestly uneducated opinions that went something like this: He turns the ball over, he can't shoot, his passing is flashy but poor, he can't play defense (seriously?), he should be cut so the team can keep Ben Hansbrough (seriously!). To say nothing of the typical "Low BBall IQ" nonsense.
    No, prior to this year..that was all completely true. (Although, maybe not cutting him for Ben Hansbrough) Prior to this year, Lance turned the ball over, couldn't shoot, would make ridiculous flashy passes that often did more harm than good, and was too slow to play defense.

    Credit Lance Stephenson for his improvement. He wasn't always playing anywhere close to it and most of us "just couldn't see it." No, he worked on his shot, he worked on understanding team basketball, he reduced his stupid passes, and he got in, IMO, the best shape I've seen him..and has learned how to use his strength on the defensive end to make up for his lateral speed.

    I want to be clear, I still don't think he's going to be nearly as good as Paul George. And I don't think he'll come close to "revolutionizing the Pacers." But I think he's made himself into a microwave role player, who actually understands passing. Which is significantly better than what he showed us his first two seasons.

    Lance has matured to the point where his trash talking/passion is amusing to fans (and probably teammates), harmless, and probably annoys the opposition a bit. There's nothing wrong with that.
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