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An important stat that has been overlooked so far.

We had 17 turnovers. So, one would expect that the Heat had a lot of fast breaks, right? Right?

Wrong! They had only had 6 fast break points in the whole game. In comparison, we scored 12 fast break points out of Miami's 11 turnovers.

That's the difference between this game and the West coast games.

We had 18 turnovers in Denver. They scored 21 fast break points.

We had 21 turnovers in Utah. They scored 18 fast break points.

It's not only the amount of turnovers that matter. It's the type of turnovers that matter the most. Dead ball turnovers are not as costly as stolen passed or picked pockets.
thing is.. i don t see how it will improve even with granger returning. does it bcome even worse. still Granger is a plus.

Lance at point certainly will not help turnovers. George Hill although quiet is the Glue for this team in the backcourt.