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Thread: Roy Hibbert's scoring

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    Default Roy Hibbert's scoring

    Roy Hibbert's shooting splits per ESPN:

    Field Goal percentage:

    October: 46.2% (6-13, 1 game)

    November: 37.8% (59-156, 15 games)

    December: 40.7% (59-145, 15 games)

    January: 46.3% (68-147, 15 games)

    Free Throw percentage:

    October: 50% (2-4, 1 game)

    November: 56.3% (18-32, 15 games)

    December: 73.5% (25-34, 15 games)

    January: 82.9% (29-35, 15 games)

    All, in all there is an upward trend. Roy continues to take roughly the same amount of shots and the same amount of FTs but he's hitting them more.

    As you can also see, the difference between 40.7% (a low percentage for a Center) and 46.3% (a decent percentage for a back to the basket player) is merely 9 more made shots.

    So, let's all hope that Roy can build up on it and improve his offensive production
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