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Thread: Is now the time for Lance to move to PG?

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    Default Is now the time for Lance to move to PG?

    Forgive me if this has already been discussed ad nauseam here; I'm a lurker who doesn't visit PD daily. But I haven't seen any recent posts dedicated to the topic, so here goes.

    I splurged and bought 7th row center court seats to last night's game, and it was never more obvious to me that Lance is by far the most natural point guard on the floor for the Pacers.

    While he does still get out of control at times and still makes the errant pass or ill-advised drive, those instances are growing fewer by the day. Meanwhile his court vision is unrivaled on the team (I wouldn't use the term "court vision" in the same sentence with Hill--and I really like Hill), he's a strong passer, and nobody pushes the ball up the floor like Lance does. And while Hill's floater is great, Lance is much better at getting into the lane, and he finds more creative ways to finish once he's there.

    Why not move Hill to SG and let Lance run the point? Then Hill can come off the bench when Granger returns. It seems like a viable--maybe even a good--idea to me. What about you? I'm interested in hearing arguments from both sides.

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