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Thread: 1/30/2013 Game Thread #46: Pacers Vs. Pistons

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    Default 1/30/2013 Game Thread #46: Pacers Vs. Pistons



    Game Time Start: 7:00 PM ET
    Where: The Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, IN
    Officials: E. Malloy, B. Forte, D. Jones

    Media Notes: Indiana Notes, Detroit Notes
    Television: FOX Sports Indiana / FOX Sports Detroit
    Radio: WFNI 1070 AM / WXYT 97.1 FM
    NBA Feeds:

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    Season Records: (W-L)
    Home: 16-3
    East: 14-10
    Away: 5-16
    East: 14-15
    Upcoming Games:
    Feb 01
    Feb 04
    Feb 05
    Feb 06

    Projected Starting Lineup:
    Projected Starting Lineup:

    Danny Granger - left knee tendinosis (out)


    Perpetually Disappointing to Trader Joe Minimally Relevant Video:

    Semi-Relevant Video:

    Eight Points, Nine Seconds Review:
    Jared Wade: Controversy Masks What Was a Troubling Game – and Road Trip

    Like the loss in Utah, the Pacers could have won this game. Given the back-to-back
    controversial calls that favored the Nuggets on the game’s final two possessions, it isn’t
    unreasonable to think the Pacers should have won this game.

    But I’m not really hearing all that.

    Indiana, again, did not play all that well in a building in which it is tough to win unless
    you play well. From the outset, Denver’s biggest key to the game was fulfilled as the
    Nuggets forced the Pacers to play at their pace. Indiana was willing and went against
    character by spreading the offense and launching shots from deep. They were making
    ‘em, too, hitting 6 of their first 12 from long distance in the game’s first 18 minutes.
    They were up 45-41, but this team doesn’t normally shoot like this (no team does), so
    Denver had to feel good about its chances given how easily they were scoring in the
    paint — a place that is usually a verboten scoring zone when playing this Indiana team.

    The final six minutes of the half saw the score start to go Denver’s way. The pace of
    the game and Denver’s insistence on bombarding the lane started to shape everything
    that was happening on the court.

    The Pacers stopped hitting shots (going 3-for-10 in the final six minutes of the half),
    and the Nuggets kept diving to the hoop. They got to the line, first cutting into Indiana’s
    lead and then taking one of their own as their athletic wing players scored free points
    at the charity stripe.

    Of all the teams in the NBA, the Nuggets score far and away the most points per game
    in the paint. It is a staggering disparity between them (56.2 points in the paint per
    game) and the number-two Clippers (46.7). Meanwhile, no team in the NBA allows
    fewer points in the paint than the Pacers (which allow a mere 35.7 points in the paint
    per game).

    Something had to give. Spoiler alert: It was Indiana’s defense.

    It tells us a lot that the Nuggets were able to score 30 points in the paint in the first
    half. Not only is that more than half of what they normally produce, but it is nearly the
    entire game-long total that the Pacers usually let up.

    Looking at these numbers, there is little else to conclude than this: one team was
    maintaining its normal identity in this game and one team was completely unable to
    exert its game plan on the opponent.

    The third quarter was more of the same.

    The first numbers need no context: Indiana shot just 8-for-21 (38.1%) while Denver
    made 12-for-22 (54.5%).

    The more interesting aspect is not makes or misses; it is the quality of shots the two
    teams got. Denver took 11 shots in the paint, including 8 in the restricted area. They
    made 5 of these 8 at the rim, and 1 of these misses came only due to a spectacular
    block by Paul George on what seemed to be a sure dunk for Danilo Gallinari on the

    From the beginning...CONTINUE READING AT 8p9s

    140 Characters of (Non-PD) Coverage

    Mike Wells @MikeWellsNBA
    Jared Wade @8pts9secs
    Tim Donahue @TimDonahue8p9s
    Tom Lewis @indycornrows

    Vincent Ellis @Vincent_Ellis56
    Natalie Sitto @Need4Sheed_com
    Piston Powered @PistonPowered
    Detroit Bad Boys @detroitbadboys
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