Well, this works in the trade machine:


Toronto receives:

Kris Humphries from BRK

Mirza Teletovic from BRK

Brooklyn receives:

Gerald Green from IND

Andrea Bargnani from BRK

Indiana receives:

Jonas Valanciunas from TOR

Tornike Shengelia from BRK

Why for Toronto:

They get away from Bargnani's contract and can start their rebuild earlier (Humphries is an expiring next year).

Why for Brooklyn:

They get some depth for a playoff push. Bargnani offers scoring off the bench and Green is an upgrade over Stackhouse.

Why for Indiana:

The presence of Valanciunas / Mahinmi / Shengelia makes Tyler expendable. So, we receive two great prospects while adding some financial flexibility in order to resign West and Granger. We're going to need those rookie deals in the future.