"It's a matter of learning (for Howard)," Bryant told USA TODAY Sports as he exited Staples Center. "What I try to tell him is that it's not necessarily about what you (want), how you are as a person, or what's comfortable for you. It's really about what's going to help elevate us.

"So for us to have a team that's confrontational and on edge brings out the competitive spirit of everybody else, you know what I'm saying? If everybody is just relaxed and happy-go-lucky and this that and the other, then that's the personality we'll have as a team. And then you run into a team that's a confrontational team, and it's like a bus."

Bryant wouldn't feel this way if he hadn't been run over a bus like that before.

"That's what happened to us in 2008," he continued. "Everything was really easy for us, real smooth and this that and the other. Everybody liked each other. And then we got to the Finals (against Boston), and we ran into a bus. The Celtics those (expletives) just beat the (expletive) out of us (in six games)."
I feel as though Granger is our only enforcer. In the Miami series he was the only one to step up to any confrontation. Everyone else just stood and watched. I feel as though our team can be too mentally soft at times. Remember when Tyler got punched? Last night our performance lacked emotion. It lacked accountability. I didn't see one player get pissed about our poor defensive rotations. We looked like robots out there. Our team is a great defensive powerhouse, and with Granger back we'll have added scoring.. but I can't help but think this team is too mentally weak to survive the playoffs.