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Thread: RicBucher, Pacers interested in JJ Redick.

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    Default Re: RicBucher, Pacers interested in JJ Redick.

    Quote Originally Posted by vnzla81 View Post
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    Not as flawed as saying that because "Danny and West are the leaders and hearth of the team" they are the better players than Paul George.

    I guess is going to take some years for some of you to get used to say that Paul George is the new face of the franchise and the quickest you realize it the better is going to be.
    I'm guessing that since you put that text in quotations, that means somebody actually said it. I would like to see where somebody within the past month said that Granger and West are playing better ball than Paul George. PR07 is trying to say you could argue that he is the best player based probably on the fact that he is a proven scorer, defender, and all around tough guy. Just remember that where Paul George is right now, Danny was averaging more PPG and was busy bringing in a new era of Pacer basketball and showing JO the door. Don't forget that Danny is proven and Paul George is still in the middle of showing just how great he can be. By next year it won't even be an argument about who is better between the two.

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